Emotional Well-Being is Within Reach

Adult Individual

Life is full of challenges that adults have to navigate through. Whether it is relationship issues, family strife, job demands, financial stress, major life transitions, a traumatic event, something different all together, or a combination of many things . . . 

Teen Individual

We have over 20 years of experience working with teenagers and their families . . . With all the changes and transitions happening in a teenager’s life, it is important to recognize how teens can be at risk for experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms . . .


There may be times when it can be helpful to include an important member of the client’s life into a therapy session, such as a parent(s) or a spouse/partner. This type of session is called a “collateral session” . . .  Collateral sessions differ from family therapy sessions . . .

Dr. Baker has a rare gift of ever so gently (and effectively) helping you look within at the most tender place in yourself, where trauma lives . . . I could not recommend her more highly, for whatever your journey may be.

– L. B.

Teletherapy sessions take place through online video calls, similar to Zoom or Facetime calls. One important difference is that we provide teletherapy sessions through a secure, confidential platform called Simple Practice. This means there are extra protections that guard your personal information  . . .




Life Stressors

Relationship Issues


With Psychologists
Dr. Baker
Dr. Chirichella-Besemer

Life can be stressful. We are here to help you recognize your inner potential for overcoming difficult situations, managing life’s challenges, and understanding the power of resilience within you.